Here’s what we’ll cover in the months ahead:


For you


Guidance on how to make meditation a regular practice & overcome those stressful, intruding thoughts


Cultivating confidence in your body and femininity


How to manage daily stress and overwhelm in ways that build you up, not tear you down

How to release negative thoughts and hurtful words so you can focus your energy on what gives you life

Practical ways to have more control over your life, and not allow life to happen to you!

Empowering you to cultivate harmony and fulfillment in your most important relationships


PLUS Mindful Parenting Support along the way!


For your teen


How to develop self-confidence during some of the most intense years of her life

Mindful skills for dealing with friendship drama, relationship mishaps, and family matters


Practical ways to manage her studies, conquer exams, and everything in between!


Planning and pursuing a future that will bring her joy and fulfilment

How to deal with all the ‘stuff’ that happens at home between parents and siblings