Mindful-U is your go-to community of like-minded women who are learning how to incorporate mindfulness and spiritual practices into their daily life. Here, you’ll be supported and inspired as you learn to lead a mindful life you love.

Plus, support for your daughter as she goes through some of the toughest years of her life

Being a teen these days is no walk in the park, and the same practices that bring balance to your life can bring balance to your daughter’s life as well. 

That’s why Mindful-U includes an entire section for teen girls.

After all, before you know it, she’ll be out in the big wide world and making her own decisions. Give her the gift of a mindfulness practice that can guide and support her through any of life’s challenges. With Mindful-U, she’ll learn how to listen to her intuition, navigate pressures and stressors with ease, and cultivate happiness—no matter what life throws her way.