How to stop feeling drained by the people around you.

Do the people around you make you feel exhausted and drained?

Here's how to mindfully maintain your bounderies

We’ve all been there, you’re out someplace, or you may be at home, and you felt fine until you started hanging around certain people. They could be your friends, partner or ex, family members or colleagues, and they drain your energy!

They may be talking to you about their problems, and you find yourself offering them advice, time after time, yet they never listen as they never implement any of it into their life - so their problems continue like a never-ending cycle. 

Or they are the people who judge or criticise you, for no apparent reason, they seem to come from a non-negative perspective but deep down you know they’re trying to belittle you, and it just gets you down. Your mood is affected, and you instantly begin to feel low.

Or you’re a giver, you find yourself giving and giving and giving, and you rarely get much or anything back from them! 

This is how feeling drained can appear and manifest in you physically and emotionally.

- tiredness

- depleted in energy

- headache-y

- feeling low 

- feeling uninspired

- feeling anxious or on edge


Does any of this resonate with you? 

If it does, then you need not continue feeling drained, and there are a few things you can begin doing to better take care of you and your energy!



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Let us know in the comments the signs you've now discovered are to do with feeling drained by those around you; along with how you will better protect yourself from those around you that have been draining you. As always, ask away if you have any more questions, I try my best to get to as many as I can.