How to live fully, and not let your life pass you by!

Life is for living

Are you living it to the fullest or are you watching others from afar live theirs to the fullest?

We all have passions and things that we love to do, be it in our work life, social life, home life or in our personal relationships! But are you grabbing them or letting them pass you by? Just because you’re daughter is almost an adult and you’re nearing half a century is no reason to give up on your hopes, wishes and deepest desires! 

In fact, it’s the opposite - this is the best time in your life where you can focus on YOU again, you have some more ‘white space’ to be creative and pursue anything you sacrificed when you were busy raising your daughter. And you’re not too over the hill to hold back! It’s the perfect time to ensure you’re leading your fullest life! 

Ultimately, we’re all heading to the same destination, our final breath and our final moment in this life … and the last thing you want to feel when you get there is REGRET, right?


Here is one of the biggest regrets of the dying …

“I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me …"
Regret - this small harmless word holds so much sadness, yet so many people do regret things they wished they’d done or made time for and I don’t want you to feel that anguish. 

This is why I’m a great believer and advocate for leading a life with mindful awareness, as it’s all about living in the moment but its also about making the most of the moment you have! 


So here’s how you can Be Your Best You and live your fullest life right now!

1) Grab opportunities

2) Don’t let fear take over - feel the fear and do it anyway!

3) Share your gifts - if not you then who? 

4) Make time




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Let us know in the comments what you've been putting off or haven't made time for; along with how you'll feel if you did! As always, ask away if you have any more questions, I try my best to get to as many as I can.