Empower your teen to love her appearance.

How to empower your teen to love her appearance

Are your teen daughters showing signs of being unhappy with their appearance? Are they becoming increasingly body conscious and you’re worried they’re missing out on their youth with the wild, sometimes dangerous, thoughts that are forming in their head? 

Then this episode is for you! I teach you 3 mindful tips on how you can help your daughters feel more confident about their appearance, even if they don’t wanna talk about it with you or anyone else!

The motivator for this episode was two fold. During my late teens, I had a very unhealthy approach to the way I felt about my appearance.  It stemmed from some deeper issues, which I’ll save for a later conversation, but the fact that I was highly sensitive, impressionable and feeling insecure at this time, made me a prime victim for body hang-ups to take over my life. It was a bleak time for me and not one I would want anyone to go through. So therein lies the deeper reason for this episode. 


The other reason is that children and young people today are growing up so much faster, with the rise of social media and technology not helping matters. Long gone are the days where people could have a bad hair day and it not be captured on 20 iPhones and posted across the internet. 

Backed up by the fact, after teaching for a decade, it shocked me every time I’d frequently hear, children as young as 5, making negative comments about their bodies! Leaving me crushed, saddened and questioning how society has allowed this to happen! Yes it is fair to say there is some work being done in the fashion industry to use a fairer selection of body types in their models but we are still a million miles away from many industries reflecting and celebrating the healthy female form.

So the reality is, more and more of our young people are forced to face the fear or ridicule, something we and our parents never had to think about let alone face. With mental health issues on the rise, and girls rushing to grow up - it’s our job as their mothers to ensure they’re protected and shielded as much as possible from the influences in society that do not always have their best interests at heart.


The best part of this all, is that you CAN do something about it! NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME to create a safe, positive haven for your teen girls to get the boost they need and deserve in feeling good from the inside out! 

In this episode I share 3 mindful ways that you can begin turning the self-sabotaging thoughts and conversations of body hang-ups, that your teen may be having, right around! 



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