Gifts you were born with - Do you use them?

Are you using your divine gifts in your everyday life? 

Most people we know assume we are born naked, helpless and totally reliant upon our parents. Now in the most part, we are reliant on out parents or caregivers as we develop into little people but the notion that we enter into this life with nothing and that we leave with nothing is a total fallacy - it’s totally untrue! The Egyptian civilisation even got it wrong, thinking that they could take their riches with them to the other side! This fear of being without material possessions is wrong thinking too - whether you are with a body or not! 

For starters, material possessions do not make people happy! People are often left wanting for more and they can develop an insatiable appetite to satisfy their ever growing wants, as they continue feeling a void of satisfaction. This can lead to being on a cycle for a constant quest for gathering ‘things’ to satisfy a deeper need to find fulfilment and ultimately happiness.

But happiness cannot be found in possessing things. It can only be found when feeling content without the need to possess anything! 

So back to the topic being discussed. We are born with everything we need to lead fulfilled, content and happy lives. We simply need to go back to living simply to find that place of inner peace, something we always had yet conditioning of life, society, the environment in which we are raised can make us feel we need to spend our life trying to ‘get’ things in order to be happy. 

Don’t get me wrong, obtaining material possessions can be lots of fun and can help you experience life in a way that creates moments of happiness, but don’t ever misinterpret that material possessions are what create the happiness. Happiness can only be created by the way you feel, those feelings are all formed within you! These possessions if removed cannot take away those feelings you felt. 

Here’s a thought I heard once that went something like this, you may own the possessions but don’t let them own you!

So back to the statement: We come here with nothing and leave with nothing. True or False?

I believe that we come here with EVERYTHING we need and we leave with those same things! We enter into this life with 2 things which we also leave with, our mind and our feelings, both of which make up our intuition. 

Here’s a way to look at it in the form of a little formula, 

Our Mind + Our Feelings = Our Intuition

Another way to think of this, is to assume our mind is like the pilot in our life, and our feelings are like our inner gps (our very own guidance system). Is it not correct to say, that we can’t buy this from any store or online shop, right! It’s priceless and it’s ours to use fully so that we can navigate successfully through this life. Your mind creates your reality and your feelings guide you on your journey.

Not only that, but it is our mind and our feelings that get topped up, re-energised and revitalised as we live out our life in physical form / in human form. So not only do they help us navigate in this life, they are there with us when we leave this physical form. It’s where all our memories, connections to others and lifetimes of knowledge is stored. Just think of yourself as a tree, that gets bigger, wiser and stronger with every lifetime.

Gandhi Ji says it best, and has been famously quoted to have said,  “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.” 

So here are my top 3 ways that you can ensure you make the best of the gifts that you are given, from the moment you are born! And I elaborate a lot more on this in the video in this blog post.

1) Be really mindful of the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold and what you say!

2) Be really aware of how you are feeling every single day! 

3) Trust your intuition / your gut by tuning into your body, whats it tell you and consider how it feels!


You are born with everything you’ll ever need to succeed in life, remember this whenever you fall into the path of wanting or searching  for things outside of yourself to validate who you are, and just know that you are more than enough and you already have everything you need:

Our Mind + Our Feelings = Our intuition



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