Meet deadlines & succeed in exams - without feeling stressed and overwhelmed!

Feel prepared, less overwhelmed & all set for success!

A lot of mums in my FREE facebook group have expressed their concern over their daughters feeling apprehensive, worried and anxious about their new school year. Next week the summer holidays are over in the UK, and school becomes part of life once more.

The two main reasons I’ve found to be the contributing factors to stress for teen girls is either study pressures or having to face mean girls!

I’ve already recorded an episode on how to deal with Mean Girls the mindful way, and you can check it out by clicking here.


So how can stress show up - what are the signs?

  • snappy / angry / moody
  • can’t sleep, tend to stay up late as you’re anxious and worried
  • not able to enjoy yourself or have fun (laughing less)
  • feeling helpless and defeated (telling yourself - What’s the point? … I'm too behind, and I can’t keep up anyway - so why bother!) 
  • you may act like you don’t care - when deep down you do
  • you feel like giving up before even trying

Click here to download the '5-Steps to Study Success' FREE Mindful Guide, that accompanies this episode.

It’s no fun to feel stressed!

It’s also not good for your health!

AND it can affect the progress you’d make in school if you let it!


But you can do something about it!





Click here to download the '5-Steps to Study Success' FREE Mindful Guide.


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