What to do when your life feels out of control!

Is your life out of balance?

Learn how you can fix it before it’s too late! 


We are made up of 4 bodies, yes 4! Here they are …  

  • physical

  • mental

  • emotional

  • spiritual

Even if one of these bodies is out of alignment, we can feel out of balance! 

Here I’ll take you through how you can begin to get all these bodies into alignment, so that you can thrive in your everyday life!

Let’s take it body at a time … 


How to align your physical body

This is the most obvious and most well known, we all know only too well that we must eat well and exercise regularly and that our body is a temple. But it literally is as it houses your spirit, so its a place you must worship, so you actually must take really great care of it and look after it! Aside from walking my dog everyday, yoga is my personal go-to form of exercise as it also helps support all the other bodies. 


How to align your mental body

You must really watch what you think, believe and say! Strengthening the mindset is key here and ultimately ensuring you are thinking positively, helps support this.


How to align your emotional body

Your emotions are your GPS in life, you must listen to your emotions carefully as they guide you. They are the best gift you could have, if you neglect to listen to your emotions, you’ll make bad decisions and you’ll suffer the consequences!  


How to align your spiritual body

First of all you must acknowledge and accept that you are a spiritual being having a human experience! When you realise this, you will feel connected to everything around you. This awareness can come by having a mindfulness and meditation practice in place.


You can have inner peace of mind, ultimate fulfilment in life, feel happy no matter what is going on around you when all these 4 bodies are balanced. However, only you can make your life balanced! Only you .. but you don’t have to do it alone! Let me help you … here’s how, tune into the epsiode below!




Get involved in the Conversation

Let us know in the comments if you were aware of the 4 bodies, and which bodies do you feel you need to pay more attention to. As always, ask away if you have any more questions, I try my best to get to as many as I can.