The Effects of the 'Big Shift' on Your Life

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April 18, 2019

About This Episode

In the last 2 episodes Tina’s talked about the Aquarian Age, and in particular how it affects you and your daughter. So if you’ve yet to listen to those, head on back and catch up so whats shared in this episode has even greater meaning for you.

Listen to episode 2. Listen to episode 3. These episodes are bite sized and only a few minutes long so do listen to them first.

“Our young people are living in the Aquarian Age but are being taught, led and born into a Picean Aged education system and belief system - firmly rooted in the Victorian era - and this is the biggest cause for student related stress and unhappiness in our young people today!”

In this episode Tina talks about how this time we find ourselves in is causing great stress and clashes for your daughter in her education and with the current education system she finds herself in - and discover what you can do to ease the stress she feels.

Check out the next episode, where Tina talks even more about this Aquarian Age and more specifically - on how exactly you can bring peace into your life - so you can flow into this time we're living in and experiencing - and ultimately make the best of it!