How to Get Your Daughter to Tidy Up Her Room!

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25 July, 2019

About This Episode

Do you find yourself constantly nagging your daughter to tidy up her messy bedroom?  

In this episode we discuss the constant swings and roundabouts when trying to get your daughter to tidy her room and to respect her space more.

Along with some mindful advice on how to encourage better habits that will not only leave your home tidier but make your daughter more appreciative and grateful for what she has.  

“We just have a constant argument all the time about the state of her bedroom - and it’s exhausting! They don’t see it as that bad - but I feel tidy house, tidy mind.” 

Listen now to hear real talk by real mindful mums on their experiences with how to mindfully deal with daughters who don’t want to tidy up their room - without creating even more frustration, chaos and stress!