Are Your Periods A Pain?

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4 July, 2019

About This Episode

This episode dives into all things period pain. You can listen to my mindful advice on how to naturally and safely manage the pain when it crops up, versus popping a pill which is so common in our society. 

Listen to real truths that medication like the ‘pill’ can have on the female cycle along with a 4-part easy and safe holistic approach that you can use instead.

“I wanted to give my body a break from the pill, I felt better in myself, since it made me feel depressed - end of the day you’re putting extra hormones into your body and disturbing your natural balance so it can’t really be doing you any good over the long term!” 

This episode will get you thinking about periods in a whole new light and you can guide your daughter with safer alternatives to manage pain when it crops up.