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Hey there! I'm Tina. I’m on a mission to empower women, and the future women of our world - to lead happy, successful and fulfilling lives they love with Mindfulness Meditation & Spiritual Guidance. But between you and me, there was a time when I wasn’t sure I could keep going.


My Journey


During my late teen life, I'd battled with low self esteem, social anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and a two-year long eating disorder. Thinking I had dealt with it all, later as an adult, it creeped back into my life, when I was struck with OCD again and high stress - which eventually led to burnout! This was when I realised that I had not managed stress effectively. 

As a school teacher, I was used to powering through and staying on my toes. But in 2014, I found myself critically burnt out, stressed out of my mind, and... pregnant!

My husband and I were over the moon about the pregnancy, but the bliss was short lived. In the first trimester, I developed SPD, a physical condition that affects 1 in 5 pregnant women, making standing and walking excruciatingly painful.

Nine months later when our baby entered the world and life was supposed to be rosy, I was still fighting to feel like myself. It took 6 months post-birth to fully recover from SPD, and during those months I began suffering from anxiety again and becoming an unhealthy perfectionist. My OCD returned - it skyrocketed! And without my career to lean on, I found myself isolated, confused, and utterly lost.

I’ll be honest—it was a dark time. I knew that something had to change, for both myself and my daughter.

Mindful Goddess Tribe - Tina Mavadia
Mindful Goddess Tribe - Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring for Mums & Their Teen Daughters

When I was younger, I was deeply interested in self development and exploring spirituality. While others were out partying, I was watching Oprah and reading about the meaning of life. But as I grew up and got married and starting ticking off the boxes in my career, that dropped from the picture.

It was in that dark time, though, that I rediscovered this entire world of insight. Through a series of synchronicities and undeniable signs, I was guided to re-explore inner peace through spiritual practices of mindfulness and meditation.

After that wake-up call, I was hooked. I began to practice and gain trainings in an array of healing modalities to overcome and better manage the stress, anxiety, low mood and mental blocks I was facing in my life.

This included mindfulness, meditation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). And THAT’S when things started getting really interesting.


A single Facebook post offering a mindfulness workshop led to over a hundred responses. I began teaching what I learned to other women in the community. Then women began requesting training for their children and teen girls, so I created workshops for kids and teens. The response was overwhelming and the results were life-changing —I couldn’t ignore it.


I’ve now built a career as a Mindful Life Coach, helping mums and their teen girls find peace of mind in their everyday, and deal with ALL their daily drama with mindfulness practices, guided healing meditations, and spiritual guidance. And now, I’m here to share those gifts with the world.

Mindful Goddess Tribe - Tina Mavadia

Let me help you take the first step toward tuning out the static of inner mental chaos and reconnect with your inner-happy

Mindful Goddess Tribe - Tina Mavadia
Mindful Goddess Tribe - Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring for Mums & Their Teen Daughters

I’m on a mission to help women and teen girls quiet the stress, anxiety, and inner mental chaos that’s so common in our society.

You’re both capable of leading a life you truly love, with the inner peace of mind, happiness and success that you deserve at work / school / home,  in your friendships / relationships, and in your self-confidence. And the best bit? You don’t have to do it alone!

Mindful Goddess Tribe - Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring for Mums & Their Teen Daughters

“My teenage daughter and I have embraced mindful living and meditation with Tina’s guidance and teachings; Tina’s so welcoming and knowledgeable; we’re enjoying life so much more!”

- Kate Knell, mum of Grace Knell