Mums, wanna trade your stress, worry ‘n’ drama with confidence ‘n’ happiness - and help your teen daughters do the same?

I've done just that!
I’ll teach you and your daughter how, too!
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Mindful Goddess Tribe - Tina Mavadia

I'm Tina

Londoner, youngest of 3 girls, Mum to a three-nager, devoted wife and former School Teacher. After experiencing challenges as a teen, and frequent episodes of low mood, high stress and burnout in my adult life - and overcoming them! - I now help mums and their teen girls, across the world, to bring calm, confidence and happiness into this chapter of their lives, and strengthen their mother-daughter bond, with mindful living and meditation.



Mindful Goddess Tribe - Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring for Mums & Their Teen Daughters

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Cut the stress and daily drama and enjoy this chapter of your life, alongside your teen girl!


Being a teenager is hard and so is being the mum of a teen!

I know only too well - I'm the youngest of 3 girls and I've worked with hundreds of young girls and mums in my decade long teaching career and now in my work as a Mindful Life Coach - so I recognise how stressful and emotionally draining this stage of life is for both mother and daughter.

So I get it - when your daughter is going through the ups and downs of finding friends, exploring her interests, studying, and dealing with new relationships, it’s hard to keep up.

You’re working hard to be the best mum you can be, and I’m here to give you the support and teachings that will have you both navigate the teen years with confidence, calm and ease, and strengthen your mother-daughter bond.

This is the perfect time to have your daughter be supported in gaining the emotional and mental strength that's so vital in today's society - so she can experience success in her teen life and beyond! 

Mindful Goddess Tribe - Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring for Mums & Their Teen Daughters

“My teenage daughter and I have embraced mindful living and meditation with Tina’s guidance and teachings; Tina’s so welcoming and knowledgeable; we’re enjoying life so much more!”

- Kate Knell, mum of Grace Knell